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Airline, Corporate Aircraft Operators


CAT-3 Precision Approach. Working Globally with Airlines, Sourcing Airline Crews, Pilots, CFI, Training Captains, Captains, Senior First Officers, First Officer. Junior First Officer, Flight Engineers. Register Now

Flight Attendant/Cabin Crew

CAT-3 "Its all about the Approach". Senior Cabin Crew, Air Hostess, Food and Beverage Manager, Cabin Crew Purser, Cabin Services Director, Cabin Crew Multilingual, VVIP Cabin Crew, Corporate Crew, Cabin Crew Support, Immediate requirement Register Now

Licensed Engineer's

Specialist Avionics, Instructors

CAT-3 is experiencing high demand for UK and International Senior and fully Qualified Avionics Personnel, Aircraft Electronics, Electronics and Avionics Systems, Ex Service Personnel, Senior Aerospace Engineers. Register Now

Cargo Managers/Pilots

CAT-3 "Our Approach to Recruitment" BAe ATP, ATR 72, CRJ-200, B737, B767, Lockheed Electra 744BCF B777F Freighter Fleet B747-400F/ERF A300-600RF Il-76TD/TD-90SW B757-200PCF B737-300SF/QC A310-300F "Night Riders Of the Sky". Register Now

Rotary Crew, Instructors

CAT-3 Have Requirements for Pilots, CFI, Training Captains, Senior Captains. Captains, Senior First Officers, First Officer. "A Unique Approach". Register Now

Business Jet

CAT-3 "A Unique Approach to Recruitment" Corporate Pilot, FBO, Fly Corporate, Captain, First Officer, Business Jet Pilot, Private owner Pilot, Personal Pilot, Private Pilot. Register Now

Executive / Management

CAT-3"Our Approach to Recruitment" Manager. Register Now


“Our Approach to Recruitment.” As the business world continues to evolve so do the methods in how you find and communicate with those shining aviation superstars you seek! Gone are the days where you can just rely on traditional methods in the hope that someone will see that advert and be motivated enough to click on the apply button.

In this challenging environment that all industries are experiencing, employment selection, has become a critical task, a solution that must be me made quickly and efficiently, avoiding mistakes of hiring unsuitable candidates, which results in high staff turnover with the consequential costs – wasted time, money, disruption and absent resources.

Using our “approach.”A strong, research led process underpins and complements the deep experience of our consultants and our extensive international network of contacts to minimise risk and provide for the successful delivery of any executive search or headhunting project.

Our success comes from the implementation of a number of on and offline search and networking strategies that assist us in the selection process. It’s these methods and knowledge that allows us to engage with our audience and help us ensure that we are networking with the right individuals. Therefore delivering both confidence and results, hand in hand.

We take the time to understand you the client, build an accurate picture of who you are, defining your objectives and goals. This allows us to communicate with you in an appropriate way. Key ingredient for this is regular, open communication throughout the project and regular reporting. It minimizes the scope for embarrassment where there may already be some previous level of knowledge or relationship with target individuals.

We offer an extremely confidential service, with the utmost discretion, professional advice when asked, Psychometric, Psychological, Security Background Profiling, and on going support once the successful candidates start in their new position.

CAT-3 has an active Contract Pilot section. Employers frequently email requests for Contract / Part time type rated Pilots, Cabin Crew. We ensure complete confidentiality and anonymity for our clients and candidates.

Latest Jobs

Job TitleSalaryLocationTypeDetails
Simulator Support Engineer (Experience with hardware)Competitive & Relocation PackageDubaiPermanentview details
S92 Synthetic Flight InstructorsCompetitiveOslo NorwayPermanentview details
Instructor Pilot Challenger 604 605 (preferred SFI, TRI/TRE)Competitive & Relocation PackageDubaiPermanentview details
Gulfstream G550 Instructor TRI/TRE Very AttractiveDubaiPermanentview details
Helicopter S-92A Technical Instructor B1/B2CompetitiveUKPermanentview details